Watch: GOT7’s BamBam Gets Shy Reenacting “Uncontrollably Fond” Kiss Scene With FIESTAR’s Jei

On the August 16 episode of K STAR television program “Uncontrollably Acting,” FIESTAR’s Jei and GOT7’s BamBam attempt to reeanct a kissing scene from KBS drama “Uncontrollably Fond.”

However, in their first attempt, BamBam goes in for the kiss but overcome with shyness, ends up pulling back at the last moment.

The acting instructor steps in and asks BamBam, “It’s uncomfortable and awkward, huh?”

BamBam responds, “No, it’s because I feel bad…”

“Why are you sorry?” the instructor asks.

BamBam has no words and just says, “Of course I’m sorry.”

“But it’s acting,” the instructor insists. “Just think of it as acting.”

On their next try, BamBam and Fei switch roles so that Fei will go in for the kiss rather than BamBam.

You can catch both of their attempts at the scene in the video below!

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