EXO Changes Title Track “Lotto” For KBS And MBC Promotions

On August 17, SM Entertainment revealed that EXO will be promoting “different” songs on different music shows.

Previously, KBS deemed their comeback title track “Lotto” unfit for broadcast due to the name referring to a brand (lottery ticket). Therefore, EXO will not be able to promote “Lotto” as is on KBS.

A source from SM Entertainment stated, “The title of ‘Lotto’ will be changed to ‘Louder’ for KBS and MBC. Likewise, the word ‘lotto’ will be switched with ‘louder’ in the lyrics. We will use the original ‘Lotto’ for SBS.”

EXO will release “Lotto” on August 18 at 12 a.m. KST. They will begin their music show performances with KBS2’s “Music Bank” on August 19 and continue to perform on other music shows.

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