BIGBANG Fans Are So Mad At Yang Hyun Suk For CL’s Comeback Date

Following the release of a teaser for CL’s solo comeback, titled “Lifted” — scheduled for release on August 19 — BIGBANG fans have taken up arms against YG.

When YG Entertainment previously released a “Who’s Next” teaser with the date August 19, BIGBANG fans thought it would certainly be a BIGBANG comeback, as August 19 is the date of the group’s 10th anniversary. BIGBANG had even said at a recent press conference that they were sorry about the delayed studio album and that they would “make a comeback as soon as possible.”

But YG is nothing if not unpredictable.

When YG Entertainment announced that August 19 would be the date of CL’s comeback, both international and Korean fans couldn’t believe it. Right alongside excitement for what will be CL’s official American debut was equal ire at what YG did to BIGBANG’s last anniversary before impending military enlistment for some of the members.

The hashtag #양현석_은퇴길만_어 (literally “Yang Hyun Suk walks the road to retirement,” to the effect of “retire Yang Hyun Suk”) even started trending in Seoul.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG’s most recent studio album was “Remember,” which was released in 2008, although the group has had several mini album and single releases since then.

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