Kim Min Suk Explains Why He Wanted To Shave His Head For “Doctors”

Following Kim Min Suk’s heartbreaking scene from “Doctors” in which he shaves his own head — in a single four-minute take — the actor has been receiving praise upon praise for the passion with which he approached the scene.

The actor said, “I debated a little bit, but because it was for the character, I wanted to do it [shave my head]. The writer and PD told me that I didn’t have to. They said I could just be wearing bandages to act, but that would be fake. I don’t want to be fake when I act. If I did it that way, other actors would have difficulty getting into character, and the same holds true for me too.”

Kim Min Suk said that the scene snuck up on him. He knew it was coming, but being busy with filming, it was suddenly upon him. “When they told me they’d be using the scene, I was surprised,” said Kim Min Suk. Despite the drastic change in appearance that the scene required of him, he hadn’t known if they would use the scene in the drama, yet another testament to Kim Min Suk’s devotion to his character and craft.

Asked about what he’ll do for SBS’s “Inkigayo,” which he hosts alongside Gong Seung Yeon and TWICE’s Jeongyeon, Kim Min Suk said that the crew was really understanding. “An MC for a music program shaving his head? It’s not an easy thing to permit. But despite everything, they said it was okay. I’ll probably be wearing a wig or hat on ‘Inkigayo.’ I don’t really know yet.”

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