Watch: EXO Wins The Jackpot Of Love In “Lotto” MV

EXO is back with a new look and new sound!

On August 18, the group dropped their music video for their latest title track, “Lotto.”

As promised, the hip-hop-inspired song boasts an addictive beat as well as a catchy melody, and is an example of EXO trying out new musical genres. The music video is fittingly captivating with an interesting storyline and stunning visuals.

This repackaged album also features two additional new songs as well as a “Monster” remix. Member Chen personally wrote lyrics for one of the new tracks, “She’s Dreaming.”

Watch the dynamic music videos (Korean and Chinese version) below!

Meanwhile, EXO will begin their music show promotions with “Music Bank” tomorrow. However, they will be performing an edited version of “Lotto,” after being deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS and MBC due to “lotto” referring to a brand name. They will be performing the original song on SBS.

In addition, member Kai will unfortunately not participate in this round of broadcast promotions due to his recent injury.

What are your thoughts on EXO’s newest track and music video?