Watch: Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Put On Blast By MBN News Anchor For Recent Controversy

Update August 18 KSTMBN Isn’t Sorry About Targeting Tiffany In Recent News Segment

Original August 17 KST:

On the August 17 broadcast of MBN news show “News Fighter,” anchor Kim Myung Joon did not hide his opinions on Tiffany’s recent controversy surrounding SNS posts she uploaded on National Liberation Day in Korea.

During his opening comments, Kim Myung Joon asks viewers, “How did you enjoy the special National Liberation Day films that were aired on television?”

He continues, “First up, National Liberation Day special film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.’ You’re asking when did ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ air on television? It did air. [I’m talking about] the rising sun flag controversy that Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany caused on the morning of Liberation Day.”

“She gifted us a truly upsetting morning,” Kim Myung Joon says.

During the end of his segment, Kim Myung Joon reports that South Korea lost 0:2 to Japan in the semifinals of the women’s doubles in badminton. “[The loss] is unfortunate, but we still must celebrate what we must celebrate,” Kim Myung Joon says. “Congratulations, Tiffany. We will end ‘News Fighter’ here today.”

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