BIGBANG Is Group Chat Goals As They Celebrate G-Dragon’s Birthday

BIGBANG proves they are pure group chat goals as they celebrate their fearless leader Kwon on his 29th birthday (Korean age).

On August 18, BIGBANG’s Taeyang uploaded a screenshot of the group’s group chat situation. Taeyang writes, “Happy Birthday Ji Yong” and sends a kissing emoji. Seungri chimes in and writes, “Happy Birthday hyung!”

Taeyang adds, “I love you.”

“You guys, my beloved brothers,” G-Dragon responds, “Because of you I am happy. Love you all thank you <3”

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Taeyang also uploads the sweetest throwback photo of himself and G-Dragon from their childhood trainee days. He writes, “My one and only bud Ji Yong happy birthday ???????☀️ #HBD #880818 #GD @xxxibgdrgn.”

나의 하나뿐인 벗 지용이 생일 축하해 사랑해 ???????☀️ #HBD #880818 #GD @xxxibgdrgn

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Happy Birthday Leader Kwon!