MBN Isn’t Sorry About Targeting Tiffany In Recent News Segment

Following a very pointed segment from anchor Kim Myung Joon on MBN’s “News Fighter,” which delivered heavy criticism of Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany, netizens and fans of the singer are raising their voices in protest.

Kim Myung Joon’s comments from his segment refer to the controversy from National Liberation Day over Tiffany’s SNS posts, which included a Japanese flag and a Snapchat geofilter of the word Tokyo with a rising sun design.

The anchor commented that Tiffany upset everyone’s morning on the holiday, and congratulated Tiffany on Japan’s win over Korea in badminton.

Following the broadcast, the community forum for the show blew up with demands for an apology from the anchor, asking if he’s lost his mind, saying that Japan’s victory in badminton has nothing to do with Tiffany.

However, MBN is standing firm in its direction. A source from MBN said, “While the expressions may have been harsh, the show is one with a satirical tone, which is participated in by the PD, writer, and anchor. We have no intention to apologize or change the report, although there will be further discussion regarding the matter.”

Reruns of the segment are not showing the closing statement in which anchor Kim Myung Joon congratulates Tiffany for Japan’s victory.

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