“Sister’s Slam Dunk” Removes Tiffany From Show Following Controversy

With an outpouring of netizen demands to remove Tiffany from “Sister’s Slam Dunk” following the recent controversy with the Girls’ Generation member’s SNS posts, the KBS show has complied.

In an official press release on August 18, the show stated that they discussed the controversy regarding Tiffany’s SNS posts with SM Entertainment. “As a result of the discussion, we have the final decision for Tiffany to leave the show, in consideration of what we agree to be the effect that the controversy had on the country’s sentiments.”

The show explained that they will be continuing with five members for the time being, without a replacement for Tiffany. “The episode scheduled for August 19 will — in no relation to the controversy — be canceled due to Rio Olympics coverage. The next airing of the show will be on August 26.”

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SM Entertainment Releases Statement Following Tiffany Leaving “Sister’s Slam Dunk”