Lee Joon Has Joined Instagram!

Lee Joon has finally made a social media account after seven years since his debut!

On August 17, he made an Instagram account and greeted his fans saying, “Starting Instagram! Ilchon go go go. I wonder if this photo will be uploaded successfully. I’m just gonna write whatever I want. Seoul Station premieres today! Did it already premiere? Enjoy ^^”

In the photo, he’s holding up the script of the animated film “Seoul Station,” which is the prequel to the hit-movie “Train To Busan.”

Lee Joon Instagram2

Lee Joon Instagram3

Afterwards, Lee Joon uploaded multiple photos and fulfilled fans’ wishes of wanting to see some of the photos he’s been holding onto.

Lee Joon Instagram4

Lee Joon Instagram5

In addition to his film “Seoul Station,” Lee Joon will also be appearing in a new drama “The Girl With the Carrier” (working title).

Follow Lee Joon on Instagram here: @leechangsun27!