7 Talented Taiwanese Actresses You Need To Know

Although I’m a typical drama buff who goes absolutely crazy over male leads, I must admit the actresses are often integral to how much I enjoy the production. Sometimes, as in the case of the following seven actresses, they are the reasons that I’ll watch the drama. If you’re anything like me, then you need to check out the actresses below!

ariel lin

Ariel Lin is only one of two women to receive multiple Best Actress awards at the prestigious Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan. As one of the most popular celebrities today, she not only rakes in huge endorsement deals all over Asia, but has also been nicknamed “Queen of Zero Scandals” by the Taiwanese media, for the lack of personal gossip attached to her name.

Ariel won Best Actress for her roles in “They Kiss Again” and “In Time With You.” While both are brilliant productions, “In Time With You” was a breakthrough not just for her, but for Taiwanese drama in general:

rainie yang

Rainie Yang may have made her debut in a girl band, but really propelled to superstardom when she took on a major role in “Meteor Garden” at the tender age of 16. Unlike most teenaged celebrities, however, she remained hugely popular through the years, continuing her successful singing career while acting.

Her long-running successful career gives me a lot of picks for recommendations; I choose my all-time favorite “To Get Her,” in which she played an introverted comic book fan who meets and falls in love with a superstar:


An experienced actress who can exude feminine charms at times and play a suave tomboy at others, Megan Lai’s repertoire features a large variety of roles. It may have only been last year that she received widespread recognition following her role in “Bromance,” but I wish people knew her for her earlier, equally engaging productions.

For a good feel of Megan Lai’s versatility, check out the romantic comedy “Miss Rose,” in which she plays a frustrated single woman determined to get married within a year:


Despite being one of the youngest actresses in Taiwan, Annie Chen boasts more than 10 leading roles under her belt. That’s not unexpected for a girl who took to acting like a fish to water. In addition to having incredible chemistry with her costars, she portrays familial emotions realistically and beautifully.

Fans of Taiwanese dramas would be hard-pressed to name the best Annie Chen drama. A personal favorite is “Inborn Pair,” which I watch at least once a year! There’s something intriguing about the concept of a couple forced to get married:

mandy wei

Having started out as a model, Mandy Wei made her industry debut comparatively later than her peers. Thanks to her stunning looks and affable personality, she quickly rose to become one of Taiwan’s most recognized faces.

Mandy Wei is currently starring opposite Kingone Wang in “Swimming Battle,” which details the turnaround of a school’s dying swim team. It’s unusual for Taiwanese dramas to feature sports other than basketball, but “Swimming Battle” is mostly interesting because there are secrets begging to be revealed.


Unlike their male conterparts, there are considerably few Taiwanese actresses who started out as members of idol groups. Joanne Tseng is one rare example, and her interesting debut story doesn’t stop there. She debuted at just 14 years old, and to date has more than 12 years of acting experience under her belt.

Marry Me or Not” is not just my favorite Joanne Tseng serial – I think it’s one of the best-produced Taiwanese dramas I have ever watched. Think best friends who fall out over a misunderstanding (but of course) and becoming each other’s biggest nemesis:


Kirsten Ren was talent-spotted along the streets as a teenager when she revealed herself to be the younger sister of girl band member and host Selina Ren. Today she boasts of an extensive acting career of her own, playing major roles both in movies and drama serials.

My favorite drama of Kirsten Ren’s is “Someone Like You,” in which she played two characters with very different personalities.

Soompiers, who is your favorite Taiwanese actress? Let me know in the comments below!

10twentyeight grew up watching dramas, has been blogging about them for the past six years, and is quite obsessively crazy about them. She is currently inconsolable because a Taiwanese drama she’s been chasing – and loving vicariously through – has just had its run cut short. 

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