I.B.I’s Kim Sohee Almost Cries Thinking Of “Produce 101” During Debut Showcase

Girl group I.B.I, including “Produce 101” contestants Yoon Chaekyung, Han Hyeri, Lee Soohyun, Lee Haein, and Kim Sohee, made their debut today and shared how they feel to be on stage.

On August 18, I.B.I held their debut showcase, on the same day as the release of their single “Molae Molae.”


During the event, Kim Sohee sings the song “When the Cherry Blossoms Fade,” which she sang when she was a part of “Produce 101.” She says, “I was so nervous. I thought about ‘Produce 101’ and almost teared up.”

Lee Haein adds, “We actually cried a lot when we practiced this song. I’m so touched to be singing it.”

What do you think of I.B.I’s debut with “Molae Molae”?

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