Update: NCT Reveals Final Member Of NCT DREAM

Updated August 22 KST:

The seventh and final member of NCT DREAM is… Jaemin (above)!

Updated August 21 KST:

The sixth member of NCT DREAM is Renjun! Now only one member remains to be revealed.

nct dream renjun

Updated August 21 KST:

The latest NCT DREAM member to be featured in a teaser image is Mark!

nct dream

Updated August 20 KST:

NCT Dream Haechan

NCT DREAM’s fourth member has been revealed to be Haechan!

Updated August 20 KST:


NCT has now revealed the third adorable member of NCT DREAM to be none other than Jeno!

Updated August 19 KST:

NCT Dream Chenle

NCT has revealed the second member of NCT DREAM as Chenle! Furthermore, it appears as though their album or title track will be titled “Chewing Gum.”


nct dream

It looks like NCT is getting ready to debut their next unit, NCT DREAM!

On August 19, SM Entertainment shared their first teaser image for NCT DREAM, via the Instagram @nctdream.chewinggum. The image is a cute poster that introduces member Jisung, who appears to be making his debut with this unit!

The teaser poster reveals that we should be looking forward to the release of something new on August 24. Considering the Instagram account’s name and Jisung’s bubble gum in the poster, it may be something entitled “Chewing Gum”!

It seems like we can look forward to more teaser images coming in the future. Are you excited for NCT DREAM?