TWICE’s Momo Rates Her Own Skills And Shares Trainee Hardships

On August 18, TWICE’s Momo held a special broadcast for her fans on the Naver V+ app titled “Beautiful TWICE MOMO #2.”

In the interview, Momo shared how she felt when she first came to Korea to be a trainee. “I was chubby at first. I was also really bad at Korean. I didn’t talk at all. The only things I knew how to say were ‘I don’t know,’ ‘No,’ ‘Yes,’ and ‘I want to eat.’ I’m a little shy, too, so it was difficult to get close to people.”

Momo, who is known as a fantastic dancer, chose jazz punk as her favorite dance genre. “I like dances that have a feminine feel, but I also like powerful choreography.”


The young idol also rated herself as a singer. “Maybe 60 points?” she said. “I think I have a lot of weak spots still. I want to do more, but my schedule is so busy that I barely have time to sleep, let alone practice. There were times when my performance was shaky or I felt anxious, so I would give myself a 60.”

Momo also shared an experience from her days on the reality show “Sixteen.” “When I was eliminated, I couldn’t tell my family,” she said. “I felt like I had let them down, and I didn’t know what to do. But when I told them, they just asked me if I was okay. I decided I should just work as hard as I can by myself.”

“At the time, I did want to go back to Japan a little,” she admitted, “but I chose instead to work harder.”

When asked what kind of subunit she would like to do with the other TWICE members, Momo picked Jihyo. “I think it would be cool if she sang a cool song and I danced beside her.”

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