Lee Joon Gi Reveals He Lost 15 Kilograms For “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” On Marie Claire

Actor Lee Joon Gi recently did a photoshoot with Marie Claire Korea, sporting a new kind of look. With his soft image and charisma, Lee Joon Gi was a natural in creating poses for the photoshoot. Even the staff who were monitoring him said that he made their hearts flutter.

Afterwards, the actor sat down for an interview and discussed his upcoming drama “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo.” Lee Joon Gi described the SBS drama as a detailed narrative about royal feuds and a time vortex that take place during the Goryeo period. “When the director suggested that he wanted my character to seem more sharp and pointed, I decided to lose 15 kilograms (approximately 33 pounds). I’m currently maintaining it,” the actor added.

When asked if he wanted to try a different genre than historical dramas, he replied, “In the future there will be many opportunities to show more of myself, and I’ve become more mature, so it shows in the depth of my emotions. I am confident to show a different color through other projects.”

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