Netizens Claim Tiffany’s Removal Was Because Of Gender

Recently, the removal of Girls’ Generation member Tiffany from “Sister’s Slam Dunk” has sparked discussions of whether or not gender affects celebrity controversies.

The topic was raised on Womad, an online community for women that focuses on gender inequality. The site claimed that Tiffany received a surprising amount of criticism and a quick follow-up to her actions because of her gender. Posts on the site explained, “Tiffany is receiving much more damage because she is a woman. If a male celebrity did the same thing, the events would not have flowed out the same way it is now.” The comments continued, stating, “Korea is much more severe to female celebrities.”

Womad was not the only voice questioning Tiffany’s removal. Songwriter Oh Ji Eun also took to Twitter to express her opinions, saying, “Why was Tiffany kicked off the show? If a male idol did the same thing, they would not have been kicked out this quickly.”

Oh Ji Eun continued, saying, “This makes me wonder if they are so quick to cut women from their jobs. What kind of atmosphere is this. It’s as if they view Tiffany as a civil servant. If celebrities are civil servants, give us a pension. And tenure too.”

However, others have stated that claiming Tiffany’s case as an act of misogyny is a stretch as well. One netizen commented, “Tiffany’s actions were clearly wrong, so rebuking the decision by saying it’s an act of misogyny is not valid.”

Tiffany was recently under fire when she posted an Instagram picture on Korea’s National Liberation Day, showing a Japanese emoticon as well as the sticker “Tokyo Japan.” Since then, she was recently removed from “Sister’s Slam Dunk.”

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