Netizens Who Spread False Rumors About Lovelyz’ Jisoo Found Not Guilty, Agency Responds

On August 19, Woollim Entertainment released an official statement regarding the latest news on their lawsuit against the netizens who spread false rumors about Lovelyz’ Jisoo.

Previously, Woollim Entertainment filed defamation lawsuits against three individuals who spread false rumors about Jisoo in 2015.

The individuals were found not guilty of defamation and were acquitted. In response, Woollim Entertainment has protested this decision and submitted an appeal.

Woollim Entertainment explained, “Previously, we settled with the defendants who were informally under indictment through monetary fines in their favor. However, they reported the distorted truth on the internet again with the purpose of slandering Seo Jisoo.”

Her agency continued, “The prosecutor acquitting the three individuals who spread false rumors and defamed [Jisoo] on July 15 is unjust. We have already submitted an appeal to the Seoul Northern District Prosecutor’s Office on August 18 and are protesting.”

Lastly, the agency stated, “The non-indictment due to lack of evidence will obviously harm Seo Jisoo’s life so we will not yield to lies. We will take strong action in order to reveal the truth that has been hidden.”

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