BewhY Opens Up About His Religious Faith And Unapologetic Confidence In His Rapping Skill

In an interview on August 19, rapper and “Show Me the Money 5” winner BewhY opened up about his faith and his unapologetic confidence in his skill as a rapper.

“I am a Protestant,” BewhY says. “In my view, I work hard to be faithful and think I am a pretty religious person, but I still think I am lacking.”

“My Protestant faith takes up many areas of my life,” the rapper continues. “A lot of my lyrics contain material related to [my faith]. The songs I competed with on ‘Show Me the Money 5,’ “Day Day” and “Forever,” are songs that I finished after receiving inspiration through prayer.”

BewhY adds, “I do recognize that my religiously influenced music can be esoteric and difficult to grasp for people who aren’t religious.”

The rapper also reveals that he is confident about his rapping skill and doesn’t feel the need to fake humility. “I definitely had a feeling that I was going to win ‘Show Me the Money 5.’ I firmly believed in myself.”

“Even in my view, I think my skill is exceptional. I barely ever felt threatened standing on the ‘Show Me the Money 5’ stage,” BewhY says. “I personally don’t really like unnecessary humility.”

He continues, “If I cared about people viewing me as prideful, I wouldn’t have been able to make music.”

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