Seo In Young Struggles To Give Up Her Style For “Real Men”

Singer Seo In Young meets challenge after challenge for “Real Men,” beginning with abandoning her usual luxurious style.

For the upcoming August 21 broadcast of MBC’s “Real Men,” ten celebrities have enlisted in the military for the show’s first ever co-ed special. It features singers Seo In Young, Solbi, Parc Jae Jung, and Lovelyz’s Jisoo, actors Lee Si Young, Lee Tae Sung, and Kim Jung Tae, former baseball player Park Chan Ho, television personality Julian Quintart, and comedian Yang Sang Guk, taking on the challenge of becoming non-commissioned officers for the navy.

The ten trainees each went through preparations before entering the army, such as practicing swimming, fixing their hairstyles to comply with military guidelines, and packing their luggage.

To get ready for her enlistment, singer Seo In Young paid a visit to a salon to dye her hair black.

seo in young

When she gets her new hairstyle, the singer squirms at the sight of her new, simple short black cut. She then has the nail art cleaned out from her fingernails and shares, “I haven’t once gone out with bare nails since my student days.” She reveals, “My parents haven’t seen my bare nails since childhood either.”

However, the real challenge arrives when she finally enters the navy, where she meets an intimidating lady, their first platoon leader. Viewers are looking forward to how the strong Seo In Young reacts to meeting a woman who exudes charisma and a personality more powerful than hers.

Catch Seo In Young and the rest of the cast’s shaky beginnings in the navy when the “Real Men” special premiers on August 21.

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