GFRIEND Chooses Which “Ask Us Anything” Member Would Make The Best Boyfriend Material

On the August 20 episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” GFRIEND appears as a guest.

During the show, Kim Heechul asks them if there are any cast members they think would make good boyfriend material.

The girls don’t all agree on one member, but Kang Ho Dong receives the most votes.

Yuju picks Kang Ho Dong because “He looks exactly like my dad.” Sowon and Eunha also choose Kang Ho Dong. Eunha says she likes his attention to detail, and Sowon says she thinks it’s cute when he refers to himself in the third person.

SinB picks Lee Soo Geun, saying “He’s cute because he’s petite.”

Yerin picks Lee Sang Min. “I like his hair style,” she explains. “It’s clean, and I like his bangs too.”


Which cast member would you choose?

“Ask Us Anything” airs every Saturday at 11 p.m. KST.

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