TWICE’s Mina Shares First Impressions And Who She Would Date If She Was A Guy

On August 21, TWICE’s Mina filmed a solo video on V-App titled, “Black Swan Mina Minari’s Interview.”

During the video, Mina talks about TWICE members and their first impressions of her. “Jihyo said that because I did ballet, when I would stand up straight and look at her, she would get a bit scared. Nayeon didn’t know I was Japanese. She thought I looked like I could speak English, and that I was from overseas,” explains Mina. She agrees with their first impressions, saying, “My outer image is like that, but because I don’t really talk a lot, I think I would be scared too.”

When asked how she became a singer, she replies, “In the beginning, it was just a hobby. But when I attended a dance academy and stood on the stage, it was fun. So when a casting opportunity came along, I didn’t want to lose the chance, so I auditioned.”


Mina also reveals that if she were a man, she would choose to date Jungyeon. “Jungyeon takes good care of me. She cleans up after me and reminds me of what I need to do for the day. And she has a surprising amount of aegyo. So if I were a guy, I’d want to date Jungyeon.”

Mina also reveals that she really enjoys the concepts for Wonder Girl member Sunmi’s “24 Hours” and “Full Moon,” and hopes to do a similar concept in the future.

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