19 K-Pop GIFs You Feel On A Spiritual Level About Going Back To School

Ah, autumn. One of my favorite seasons with the pretty leaves and the beginnings of crisp fall air. It’s the time to break out your cute sweaters and boots, get yourself a pumpkin spice latte, and start dreaming about the holiday season that’ll soon roll around in December. But before you can get to that, you have to worry about… SCHOOL.

When a Soompi article GOES THERE.

And boy, does it ever come back with a vengeance, taking up all the time you should be spending squealing over K-pop stars, and replacing it with some wholesome algebra.

She said the A word!

Here are some things every student feels when the school year rolls back around!

1. Waking up at the crack of dawn when you’ve been sleeping till 12 p.m. in the summer:

2. The traffic back to school:

It’s not too bad if there’s someone to cuddle with:

But let’s be real – this is more you:

Don’t talk to me, don’t bother me, don’t touch me, bruh.

3. Thinking about the school work (and if you’re in your last year, university):

Half crying, half dying!

4. But seeing friends you haven’t seen in awhile:

Or if you haven’t seen them in a REALLY long time:

Hallo… friend.

5. Finding classes and trying not to get lost:


6. Getting adjusted to new teachers:

No teacher’s heart would be bulletproof to his cute smile!

On the outside: Hello, teacher. *grimaces smiles*
On the inside: Make a goodish impression, make a goodish impression. Just good enough that they’ll pass you, just average enough that they won’t remember to pick on you. Should I give an alias just in case?

7. And running into your crush:



8. Then back to wondering when school will end:

That equation looks fascinating… please keep going.

9. When the bell FINALLY rings:

10. And just when you think you’re free:

11. There’s homework to be done and tests to be studied for:

But hopefully not on the first day!

Keep on fighting everyone! 

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