Jessi Ranks First In Brand Power Among Female Rappers

The brand power rankings among female rappers in the month of August have been released.

The Korean Business Research Institute analyzed data from July 20 to August 21 and evaluated female rappers on their brand reputations. The brand reputation index is based on consumer interest as well as positive/negative assessments, media exposure, and communications traffic.

Jessi ranked first with a total score of over 1.1 million. Veteran hip-hop artist Yoon Mirae ranked second with a score of 950,680, while Yook Ji Dam came in third place with 812,160.

The full list is as follows: Jessi, Yoon Mirae, Yook Ji Dam, Tymee, Janey, Kisum, Coolkid, Kassy, Yuna Kim, Miryo, Grace, Jeon So Yeon, Nada, Heize, Ha Joo Yeon, Giant Pink, KittyB, Ash-B, Gilme, Cheetah, SLEEQ, Lexy, Rimi, and Choi Sam.

The head of the Korean Business Research Institute stated, “As female rappers increase their media exposure, their brand power also increases. However, if you look at the ratio analysis of the data, a lot of the exposure can be negative. Yoon Mirae and Tymee have the most positive media exposure.”

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