Song Hye Kyo Gifts Song Joong Ki And Staff With Coffee Truck On Set Of New Film

Song-Song Couple continues to keep their friendship strong after their hit drama “Descendants of the Sun.”

Song Hye Kyo recently sent a coffee truck to the set of Song Joong Ki’s upcoming film “Battleship Island” (working title).

On August 21, coffee truck company Coffee Pong uploaded onto its official Instagram a photo revealing Song Hye Kyo’s gift.

The truck sign reads, “Song Joong Ki, ‘Battleship Island’ Staff, Stay Strong!” The truck’s expansive drink offering is also included in the photo.

Coffee Pong writes, “It’s our fourth visit to the set of film ‘Battleship Island.’ The filming is seriously happening all the time regardless of day or night.”

Coffee Pong continues, “Actress Song Hye Kyo, an angel to the bone, called Coffee Pong for actor Song Joong Ki and the staff who are working hard. Even today many staff members we sweating like it was raining. We were also excited today thanks to actor Song Joong Ki who always comes over to greet us personally!”

“We will convey actress Song Hye Kyo’s precious heart well. Thank you for always believing in and counting on us actress Song Hye Kyo,” the caption concludes.

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Meanwhile, “Battleship Island” starring Song Joong Ki is slated to premiere in 2017.

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