Junoflo Officially Signs With Tiger JK’s Label Feel Ghood Music

“Show Me The Money 5” contestant Junoflo has officially signed with Feel Ghood Music.

Though the label has previously refrained from bringing in any outside activities, Feel Ghood Music signed with Junoflo as the first step to becoming a bigger label.

Feel Ghood Music commented on the signing, stating, “We are very happy to work with Junoflo, a rapper with lots of potential and character. By working on music together, we are convinced that it will create momentum for us to progress and develop further.”

Feel Ghood Music currently houses Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, BIZZY, and their collective group MFBTY.

A source from Feel Ghood Music also stated, “With the latest addition of Junoflo, Feel Ghood Music has a new kind of vibrant energy. From now on, we will be proactively creating lots of music for everyone to hear.”

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