Thanks To BTS, Kim Kang Woo and Im Hyung Joon Receive A Free Meal In Greenland

On an upcoming episode of KBS’s “Suspicious Vacation” (tentative title), actors Kim Kang Woo and Im Hyung Joon travel to Greenland and experience the popularity of BTS.

The two actors happen to travel in Greenland and come upon a group of people celebrating Confirmation. The minute the actors reveal they are Korean, a young K-pop fan shows them a picture of BTS. Im Hyung Joon then proudly reveals to her that he has a special relationship with BTS.

In response, the young girls give him a high five and welcome them in. They are able to enjoy a meal and be more friendly with the family. The two actors can’t hide their grateful hearts and say, “We were able to eat a meal because of BTS.” Kim Kang Woo even sends a message to BTS, saying, “Thank you BTS.”

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After the episode aired, it is shown that a young girl comes up to the Im Hyung Joon, showing him images of BTS on her phone and calling them “my love.” He tells her that he lives in the same neighborhood as BTS. He then shares a high-five with the children, who are excited to meet someone who knows BTS.