Netizens Rage At “Inkigayo” For Allegedly Blocking I.O.I’s Appearance

Korean netizens are in an uproar after I.O.I was not invited to the August 21 episode of “Inkigayo,” despite being nominated for no. 1.

The “Inkigayo” community forum has blown up with complaints, having jumped from 10 daily posts to 70, all asking for I.O.I on the show, saying that I.O.I has been unfairly blocked from “Inkigayo” appearances.

inkigayo i.o.i complaints

One report states that while it is possible that it was I.O.I’s side that decided not to appear on the show, they don’t have the power to pick and choose music shows, nor do they have reason to, especially since they had been seeing major music show success, bagging their fourth win for “Whatta Man” a couple of days earlier on “Music Bank.”

In response, a source from “Inkigayo” said, “I.O.I hasn’t made appearances on any SBS variety shows. Like any other show, being on ‘Inkigayo’ depends on each individual’s schedule or situation; there is no movement within SBS to block I.O.I.”

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK was the group to take no. 1 on Sunday’s “Inkigayo” with “Whistle,” setting a record for the fastest music show win for a girl group after debut.

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