Watch: Spica’s Boa And Bohyung Showcase Their Pipes In New Fifth Harmony Cover

Spica vocalists Boa and Bohyung may have had a long hiatus, but they prove they haven’t lost their vocal edge in a new cover of Fifth Harmony’s “I’m in Love With a Monster.”

Released on August 21 via YouTube, the cover video features Boa and Bohyung in the recording booth as they put their spin on the popular song. Both vocalists showcase their pipes as they hit the high notes and harmonize with ease.

Spica has been on a group hiatus for more than two years and recently announced their comeback after changing agencies.

During their hiatus, leader Boa appeared on “King of Masked Singer” and released the song “Home” with Kim Jong Seo, while Kim Bohyung also appeared on “King of Masked Singer” and JTBC’s “Girl Spirit.”

Spica will make their long-awaited comeback on August 25 with “Secret Time.”

Did you enjoy Boa and Bohyung’s cover of Fifth Harmony?

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