Park Jimin Reveals The Inspirations Behind Her Comeback Album

15& member Park Jimin recently made a solo comeback, and on August 22 she held a Naver V live app broadcast to talk about her album with her fans.

Special guests at the event included GOT7’s Bambam and Yugyeom as well as DAY6’s Young K.

Park Jimin Bambam Yugyeom Young K

“The music video didn’t take very long to shoot,” she shared. “It didn’t even take eight hours. It was all because of the staff’s support.”

One of the album songs deals with unrequited love. “It’s all based on my real-life experiences,” she shared. “I decided to look back on that love as something everyone experiences in their life and translated the experience into music.”

She added, “If it’s not about something I can relate to, then I can’t put emotion into my singing. I hope everyone can feel my sincerity, because everything on the album is 100 per cent based on my life.”

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