Exclusive: Don’t Miss “Show Me The Money 5” Concert Tour In The US

Hey US Soompiers, would you rate your knowledge of K-hip hop as a 10/10? Have you been watching every single episode of “Show Me the Money 5” and looking forward to the entire team finally coming to the US?

Lucky for you – all 8 of the hottest hip-hop producers who appeared in SMTM5, and the two finalists, BewhY and C Jamm are coming to Chicago and LA. You can get your tickers now from the following links:

CHICAGO: http://www.powerhouselive.net/Product-SMTM5—CA_140.aspx
LA: http://www.powerhouselive.net/Product-SMTM5—LA_141.aspx

We want to help you be there in person to turn up with the whole crew so we’ve set up a pretty killer deal on discounted tickets for you. The deal starts right now and expires on 8/26 at 11:59 PST so jump on it. Here’s how:

1. Click here to download the form and complete all of the required fields.
– Please note that you can only purchase P2 tickets at a discounted rate and you cannot choose your seats.
– You can buy up to 10 tickets per person per city.
2. Email the form to Powerhouse Live at: HOST@POWERHOUSELIVE.NET
3. Pick up your tickets at the venue’s will-call area on the day of the concert.

Grab your tickets and get ready for a show of K-hip hop legends (and soon-to-be legends)!

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