Johnson & Johnson Comments On Sulli And Goo Hara’s Controversial Photo

Previously, Sulli’s controversial Instagram photo of her and Goo Hara sharing a Johnson’s Baby Oil t-shirt gained much attention and criticism.

Netizens commented that the photo was Lolita-themed and inappropriate due to the item being a product for babies.

Johnson & Johnson, the company behind the product, has spoken up about the controversial photo after netizens notified the company about the photo. They wrote, “Thank you very much for reaching out to us with your concerns. We at Johnson’s do not condone the objectification of any persons, and appreciate your flagging this misrepresentation of our brand. Please know that we do not take any such incidents lightly and have flagged this issue to our management teams for review and action. Once again, we appreciate your support in reporting the issue, and helping us maintain the values we hold dear.”

Sulli has since deleted the post. However, now that Johnson’s is aware of the photo many are curious as to what sort of action the company may or may not take.

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