The One Sued For Tax Evasion And Forgery Of Documents

Singer The One (birthname: Jeong Sun Won) has been sued for alleged tax evasion and forgery of documents.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office revealed that an interior design contractor referred to as “Hong” submitted a complaint against The One regarding issues involved in building the agency Diamond One in 2007. Hong claims that The One acquired unfair profits through submitting exaggerated construction costs that resulted in Hong getting stuck with a tax bomb. At the time, The One was the CEO of Diamond One.

According to the lawsuit, Hong started working on building The One’s agency in August 2007. The total construction costs amounted to around 28 million won (approximately $25,000) but only received 22 million won (approximately $20,000). Furthermore, the tax office was falsely informed that the construction costs amounted to 70 million won (approximately $63,000) which resulted in The One getting refunded 7 million won (approximately $6,300) and getting 27 million won (approximately $24,000) value-added tax.

Hong says that prior to this lawsuit he received the unpaid payment but chose to sue The One due to tax issues being unresolved.

A source from The One’s agency said, “The One doesn’t know about this because the unpaid construction costs payment was paid right away and a former employee who was in charge of finances had taken care of the matter.”

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