Kim Min Suk Shares Parting Words To “Doctors” During Final Filming

Kim Min Suk has reflected on the conclusion of SBS drama “Doctors.”

On August 22, the actor wrote on his Instagram, “I’m in the middle of the last shooting of ‘Doctors.'”

He continued, “I see my hair has been growing a lot all this time. Thank you to the producers, staff, and everyone who let me become Choi Kang Soo. I’ve been very happy. It hasn’t settled in yet. I think my Mondays and Tuesdays from next week on will be really lonely. It won’t be easy, but now I must begin letting ‘Doctors’ go. Thank you for treating me so nicely, everyone. You’ve worked hard, Kang Soo, Min Suk.”

Along with the caption, Kim Min Suk shared a photo of himself showing his short haircut as he earnestly looks at the camera.

Fans shared the actor’s sentiments and left comments such as, “Thank you for your work all this time,” “I can’t believe it’s the last episode,” “I’ll definitely watch the original broadcast,” and “You look even cooler now.”

The final episode of “Doctors” aired on August 23.

Catch the second to the last episode below!

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