Watch: Roy Kim Says He’d Never Introduce Jung Joon Young To His Sister On “Celebrity Bromance”

On August 23’s episode of “Celebrity Bromance,” good friends Jung Joon Young and Roy Kim continue their trip in Mokpo!

After challenging each other to a fishing competition last week, the pair wrap up their time on the fishing boat in this episode, and then head to get something to eat. While they’re in the car, they entertain themselves by imitating comedians, goofing around, and showing off their rapping and vocal skills.

Jung Joon Young asks Roy Kim who he misses the most, and Roy Kim answers that he misses his mom and sister. “Introduce me to your sister,” says Jung Joon Young.

“I’d never do that,” answers Roy Kim. “Not even if I had a hundred lifetimes.”

“Tell her to marry me,” jokes Jung Joon Young with a big grin. “I don’t even want to imagine that,” replies Roy Kim. Jung Joon Young laughs, “Me neither!”

Watch the full episode with English subtitles below!