Watch: HyunA Admits She Gets Clingy Towards People She Likes

On the August 23 episode of HyunA’s variety show on MBC Every1, “HyunA’s X19,” comedienne and television personality Kim Shin Young makes an appearance.

During her time on the show, Kim Shin Young and HyunA show their close relationship through their interactions with each other. Kim Shin Young reminisces on the first time she met HyunA when she was but a middle school student.

When asked what she wants for HyunA, Kim Shin Young says, “At a certain point, she became such an adult, and I wish she could return now to being immature HyunA.”

“I think she had to grow up too fast, so my heart hurts as an unni,” Kim Shin Young says.

All of a sudden, HyunA asks, “But unni why didn’t you answer my phone call?”

She insists that she’s not holding a grudge against Kim Shin Young, and says, “I just get really clingy towards people I like.”

Kim Shin Young affirms, “Yea, her clinginess is severe.”

Facing the camera, Kim Shin Young says jokingly, “You all should try being on the receiving end. Male fans, you will all lose interest.”

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