Baek Sung Hyun Thanks “Doctors” Viewers For Love And Support

Following the finale of SBS’s “Doctors,” actor Baek Sung Hyun has revealed his parting words regarding the drama.

On August 24, the actor sent a message to fans through a video posted on his agency’s official TV Cast page.

Baek Sung Hyun says, “I can’t believe it’s the last episode of ‘Doctors’ already. I’ve been working hard for around two and a half months. I think I was able to not get tired, focus, and finish well thanks to your support.”

He continues, “Thank you so much for your love. I will become a Baek Sung Hyun that shows you a better image in the future.”

You can watch the video below!

The actor also recently posted a photo of himself with co-star Lee Sung Kyung and wrote “#Doctors #End #SeoWooIs #SoPretty #Vitamin Thank you!!”

Watch the finale of “Doctors” below!

Link to video:

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