U-KISS’s Eli Opens Up About Being A Married Idol And Father

U-KISS’s Eli opens up in the upcoming episode of SBS’s “Jagiya.”

During the episode, Eli reveals how he met his wife who is a former racing model and how life has changed after his son’s birth.

Eli says, “I first met [her] at a car gathering. As soon as I saw her I confessed that she was my ideal type, but she didn’t show any interest in me. After a year of chasing her I asked her out, but she didn’t accept me. However, I was able to gain my wife’s heart after consistently and earnestly confessing. I loved her so much so we registered our marriage first and now we are living well with a baby too.”

U-KISS Eli 2

In regards to married life, Eli comments, “A lot of young girl fans left. Instead I got more pregnant fans. Gifts I receive from fans have clearly changed as well. I used to get a lot of clothes and shoes as gifts, but now I get baby clothes, pacifiers, baby mittens, and that kind of stuff.”

Previously, Eli surprised many with the news that he had gotten married in June 2014. He recently became a father in June of this year.

This episode will air on August 25 at 11:10 p.m. KST.

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