Tzuyu Hopes To Continue With TWICE For More Than 10 Years

Recently, Tzuyu sat down with V-Live for an interview as well as a brief photo shoot.

During the interview, Tzuyu shares about her dream of being singer, saying, “It wasn’t a dream I had since I was little. But I did like singing and dancing as a kid, which led me to like K-pop as I got older. That was when I thought it was cool and began thinking about becoming a singer.”

She then describes how thankful she is for all the fans and their hard work. “When I see hand written letters or fans chanting during our performances, it really gives me strength and makes me thankful. When I see them screaming even when their voices are gone, it gives me the desire to work harder. I read all the letters, and they give me strength. Let’s continue together for a long time. Forever,” she says.

Tzuyu also records a video message to TWICE as if 10 years have passed by, saying, “Are you doing well? I hope you haven’t lost that initial resolution and are still working hard when performing on stage. I hope we continue together for a long, long time. I love you.”

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