VIXX Takes 2nd Win For “Fantasy” On “Show Champion,” Performances By I.O.I, Oh My Girl, WJSN, And More

On the August 24 episode of music show “Show Champion,” VIXX takes home their second trophy for “Fantasy”!

When VIXX is announced as this week’s champion, and members Ravi and N take the mic to express their gratitude for the win. Ravi thanks their fans Starlights as well as his fellow members, staff, and their parents. He concludes by giving a special shout out to VIXX’s leader N. N keeps his bit short as he struggles to hold back tears and says, “Thank you so much to your Starlights.”

You can watch their winning performance of “Fantasy” below.

Other performances this week were by I.O.I 9MUSES A, Oh My Girl, WJSN, LABOUM, Ha Dong Geun, Lady Jane, ZION, Sleepy, and more. Watch them below!

I.O.I – “Whatta Man”

NINEMUSES A – “Lip 2 Lip”


WJSN – “Be Be,” “Secret”

LABOUM – “Oops,” “Shooting Love”

Han Dong Geun – “Amazing You”

Lady Jane – “Just 2 Days”

ZION – “A Second Side”

Sleepy (Narr. EUI JIN of SONAMOO) – “So What”


MASC – “I Can’t Breathe”

Rionfive (with Cupid) – “Woman of Beach”

Loude – “Tonight without you (1:00AM)”

GILGUN – “Not a Chance”

VX – “What You”

24K – “Still 24K”

RUI – “Exciting”

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