TWICE’s Tzuyu Explains How The Members Help Her Adjust To Life In Korea

On the recent Naver V app broadcast of “Tzuyu Interview” on August 24, Tzuyu revealed that she is still struggling with learning Korean and how TWICE members are helping her adjust well.

During the interview, she explains, “Korean is still difficult for me. The words that sunbaes use during broadcasts still sounds unfamiliar to me.”

She continues, “People around me told me to watch a lot of Korean dramas and movies to become fluent in Korean, so I’m trying my best to watch it often.”

TWICE Tzuyu2

Tzuyu says one of the good things that come out of being the youngest in TWICE is that “the unnies take care of me more and try to be good to me since I’m from overseas.”

She also talks about how she came to dream of being a singer, explaining, “I didn’t think that I must debut as a singer when I was young. I just liked dancing and singing, and since my friends liked K-pop I naturally became interested in it, too. One day I just wanted to become a singer.”

In addition, Tzuyu reveals what she still wants to try in TWICE, and states, “I want to wear a very fancy dress and have a elegant concept for a future promotion. Marriage is still far for me, but I want to wear a really pretty dress once.”

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