BLACKPINK To Star In Their Own Reality Show

YG Entertainment’s new girl group BLACKPINK will have their own variety show soon!

According to their company’s statements on August 24, the group’s new reality show “BLACKPINK TV” will premiere on August 25 through Naver.

After making a successful debut with double title songs “Whistle” and “BOOMBAYAH,” BLACKPINK earned first place on “Inkigayo” in just 14 days after their debut, a nod to their status as “monster rookies.”

Through “BLACKPINK TV,” fans will be able to get a sneak peek of the members’ daily lives and get to know the members in a more intimate fashion. They will showcase more down-to-earth charms that parallel the charisma they show on stage.

A source of YG Entertainment states, “Thank you for all the unexpected interest and love. We are sincerely grateful. We will show more of our artists’ charms through various contents in the future.”

What are your thought on their new variety show?

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