Ha Ji Won Sues Cosmetics Company For Misappropriation Of Her Likeness

Actress Ha Ji Won has sued a cosmetics company that she worked with for using her name and likeness, due to a company partner taking a large amount of money for personal use without permission.

When Ha Ji Won launched her own line of cosmetics through this company last year, it had a successful start and the sales reached 6 billion won (approximately $5.4 million) in just half a year.

But on August 24, Ha Ji Won appears to have sued this company for unlawfully using her likeness for commercial reasons, ordering the company to discard all the products that have her name, face, and brand logo on it.

It turns out that a partner in the company has taken a huge amount of the wages and subsequently broken the trust that Ha Ji Won had with the company. This also supposedly means that the actress appears to have not been paid correctly.

However, the cosmetics company claims that Ha Ji Won received 30 percent of the company’s stock for being the spokesmodel of the brand. So, if she refuses to hand over the stock, the company will continue to use her likeness.

Ha Ji Won’s agency released an official statement, saying, “If ‘G’ company stops using her likeness, [Ha Ji Won] will surely return the stock, but there has to be a fair distribution of the profits the company made by using Ha Ji Won’s likeness up to this point. We cannot reveal specific details of the lawsuit right now, but we hope that no other celebrities are affected by unlawful use of likeness from now on.” They also reiterate that they have yet to receive any dividend from the stock nor any wages from her time as the brand’s model, so the company has essentially been using her likeness for free.

What are your thoughts on this impending case?

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