“Sister’s Slam Dunk” PD Reveals Plans For Editing Tiffany In Latest Episode

With Tiffany’s recent removal from the KBS show “Sister’s Slam Dunk,” the producing director released plans for the upcoming episode of the show.

When asked about editing plans for the next episode, the PD responded carefully, saying, “We are currently in the midst of editing. It’s not like we’re editing out everything the way we would for someone who was involved in gambling or a crime. We are editing Tiffany because of her removal from the show.”

The PD also spoke about his concerns for the episode. “It’s not only that, but there are also sensitive topics about the struggles of Jessi’s parents who came from afar. We’re trying to judge fairly for each scene during editing.”

Tiffany was heavily criticized recently for uploading controversial Instagram posts on Korea’s National Liberation Day.

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