HyunA Addresses Prospect Of Doing Something Other Than Singing With Allure

Singer HyunA recently addressed the prospect of branching out into other areas like acting, as many idols do, in an interview with beauty and lifestyle magazine Allure.

During the interview, HyunA emphasizes that rather than trying something new she wants to pour more of her energy into her career as a singer and performer.


“I still have so much to show you as a singer, and honestly I also am the type to have a lot of fear. I want to find what fits me the best and develop that more,” HyunA says. “Although [off the stage] I’m a bright and cheerful 25-year-old girl, I want to show that I am energetic and experienced when I’m on stage.”

“All the more these days, I want to walk only one path,” Hyuna says.

You can catch HyunA’s fall-ready makeup pictorial and the full interview in the September issue of Allure.

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