Watch: C Jamm And BewhY Give It Their All In A Vocal Showdown

Offstage, rappers C Jamm and BewhY are just like any other pair of best friends.

On the August 26 episode of “I Live Alone,” C Jamm’s solitary lifestyle was revealed

After meeting up with his best friend at karaoke, they agree to a bet to determine who will have the chance to flick the other on the forehead.

Instead of choosing hip-hop, or even R&B tracks, the two friends decide to belt it out with rock ballads.

C Jamm sings his soul out with Buzz’s “Thorn,” while imitating main vocalist Min Kyung Hoon’s gestures almost exactly.

Meanwhile, BewhY goes for YB Band’s “Since I Let You Go.” While he looked nervous at first, he quickly gained confidence and displayed his stable vocal skills.

Watch them duke it out in this battle of the ballads below!

Who do you think was the better singer?

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