Heize Reflects On Her Dad’s Opposition To Her Career Choice

On the August 26 episode of MBC television program “I Live Alone,” rapper Heize gives viewers a glimpse into her solo life.

During the show, she meets up with her brother and reminisces on the past and how she got to where she is now.

She says that seeing her brother makes her think of the past. “Do you remember when dad was opposed to [me going into rapping]?” she asks her brother. “It was the first time since I was born that I rebelled against my dad.”

Heize’s brother responds, “I was more amazed at you actually becoming valedictorian because dad said if you get first place at university that he’ll allow you to go to Seoul.”

Heize 2

Heize’s brother continues, “Mom wanted to go [to Seoul] with you but you wouldn’t let her.”

“If mom came, she would have cried,” Heize explains. “When I think of Seoul [at that time], the colors are all grey. I had three part-time jobs a day during that time.”

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