Dongho Posts A Loving, Fatherly Message On Son’s 100th Day Since Birth

There’s nothing like a loving parent to pull at your heartstrings!

On August 26, Dongho shared a photo of his adorable infant son, revealing that it’s been 100 days since he was born.

He also writes, “My son, Asher Shin. Asher has already become 100 days old! Thank you so much for growing up healthily without being sick and laughing so much~ Let’s continue to not be sick, be healthy, and smile even more!!!♥ I love you ♥_♥”

He also jokingly adds that his Instagram is going to be covered with only baby pictures at this rate in the hashtags, and makes sure to tag “kidstagram.”

Meanwhile, the former U-KISS member tied the knot in November of last year, and has been actively sharing photos of his lovable family ever since Asher was born.

Congratulations to Asher!