“Sister’s Slam Dunk” Ratings Drop After Tiffany’s Departure

The August 26 episode of KBS2’s “Sister’s Slam Dunk” recorded 4.6 percent ratings. This is a 0.5 percent drop from their previous ratings of 5.1 percent on August 5.

“Sister’s Slam Dunk” did not air for two weeks due to coverage of the Rio Olympics.

Previously, the show had performed favorably amongst its competitors. “Sister’s Slam Dunk” came in third place for August 26 ratings between variety shows airing at the same time.

This episode was also the first episode aired following the announcement of Tiffany’s departure from the show. Tiffany was removed from the show following controversy surrounding her SNS posts around Korea’s National Liberation Day. Since then Tiffany has handwritten two apologies.

Tiffany was edited out of certain scenes for the August 26 episode, but not in whole. This episode centered on preparing a fake wedding for Jessi and her parents.

You can watch the episode below:

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