Who Does GFRIEND Pick As Their Industry Role Model?

GFRIEND opens up about the current trend of girl groups in the music industry and who they view as their role models.

GFRIEND is the latest model for the September edition of magazine “THE STAR.” In the pictorial, GFRIEND breaks free of their young and cute image to adopt a more mature look in their pictures.

The concept of the pictorial was “Better Together” and GFRIEND perfectly embodied the theme of looking more beautiful when they are together. Moreover, the brown-toned concept coupled with their knit outfits add more depth to the autumn atmosphere in the photos.

In the accompanying interview, GFRIEND talks about their enormous success and popularity within a year and six months of their debut. They give credit to their hardworking demeanor and teamwork as the secrets to their success.

They continue, “We think of IU as our role model. She’s not just talented as a singer but in so many multifaceted ways. We want to be like her.”

When asked about the many other girl groups that are debuting these days, they say, “It would be a lie if we said we didn’t care about it at all. But our members all like girl group music and so we like that our car playlist is increasing.”

They give a cute response when asked if they felt like autumn is coming, answering, “We can sense the smell of autumn. We really like it.”

Check out more pictures from their photoshoot below!


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