Soyou Talks About An Unexpected Related Term That Appears When You Search Her Name

On the August 27 episode of SBS food show “Baek Jong Won’s Three Emperors,” SISTAR member Soyou talks about an unexpected related term that appears when you type her name into a search engine.

When the show introduces Soyou as a guest, it shows footage of her time on “I Live Alone,” where she impressed viewers with her voracious appetite and love for chicken feet.


“One of my related search terms is ‘chicken feet,'” Soyou says. “If you type in ‘Soyou,’ ‘chicken feet’ appears, and when you type in ‘chicken feet,’ ‘Soyou’ appears.”

Announcer Kim Hwan says to Soyou, “After watching you eat chicken feet on television, I ordered chicken feet. You ate it so tastily.”


“I go to eat chicken feet even by myself,” Soyou says. “I have a little bit of alcohol [with the chicken feet] by myself too.”

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